TEAMHP's Vision statement : We are the facilitators of the evidence -based and knowledge based collaborations for innovation and sustainability through mobility ,entrepreneurship and circular innovation programs which address and embrace the importance of  'Well-managed Mobility' at the trans-personal,trans-physical,trans-psychological,trans-social , trans-communal, trans-ethnic  and trans-national  levels.

TEAMHP  as a knowledge based and innovation driven  collaboration platform focuses on the implementation of SDGs2030 from the Sustainable Health and Well-being perspective. This in our belief can only happen through multi-lateral partnerships as emphasized under the SDG 17 .

TEAMHP  has embraced the Quadruple Helix and Quintuple Helix models for facilitating 'Circular Innovation'  across all sectors, professions and disciplines . The facilitation of Circular Innovation under the Quadruple Helix and Quintuple Helix models rely  on  the cross disciplinary and global alignment of knowledge generation and diffusion processes which in turn are reliant on Entrepreneurship and Innovation capacities.

Fig.1. The Sustainability Development Goals 2030


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Fig.2. The Basic Quadruple Helix Model for Knolwedge Based Economic Development

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Fig.3 .The Circular Innovation processes under the Quintuple Helix Model


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Motto: We stand for the solutions and answers to the challenges and questions in all fields related to Migration Health and Psycho-Social Mobility related Well-being  between life-stages,geographical , social, community , organizational and inter-personal contexts .

TEAMHP's preliminary Mission statement :

To be a key contributor to the establishment of a European-American coalition in the field of Migration Health within the frameworks defined under TEAMHP's Declaration. To Accelerate Social Transformation for facilitating Circular Innovation Capacity through our Sustainability Champions whom act as multi-lateral ambassadors helping the synergistic collaboration across the system and value network with the goal of serving Higher Subjective Well-Being for all stakeholders.


The FEAMHP "The First European American Migration Health Platform" renamed  TEAMHP as of Dec 18,2017 was founded in the city of Pécs Hungary on the 20th of October 2017 .TEAMHP is an off-spring of the support extended to the Health Leaders Association (HLMDI) Non For Profit Institute by the US Embassy in Hungary and the IVLP program led by HE Cultural Attache Mr.Chris Machin. 

HLMDI is a member of the Hungarian International Diaspora Network Foundation. HLMDI's founding members and Executives have been supported by the Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel (CHDP) in the areas of impactful researcher and research assistance, developing and delivering training and education programs, student mentoring and finally cross atlantic work and study program participaction.

TEAMHP's Foundation Charter and Declaration emphasize the importance of principles, goals and indicators depicted by the Sustainability Development Goals 2030 (SDGs2030), addressing specific Health and Health related Socio Economic  needs of Children,Youth, Younger Generation, Elderly, Minorities, Women and promoting principles of Health2020, Health In All Policies(HIAP),Healthy Cities, the New York Declaration highlighting the attainment of the Global Quality of Life and Global Well-being through elevating mental health as the most important measurement  of TEAMHP's effectiveness. 

The foundation event hosted the  closing speech of HE Charge D'Affaire David Kostolaneck in support of the initiative, preceeded by closing remarks of Prof.Dr.David Ingelby (EUPHA and the University of Amsterdam), regarding the declaration, Dean Prof.Dr. Randy Liete (College of Health and Sciences Ohio University) regarding the multi-lateral governance model, as well as openning speeches by Dean Prof.Dr.Attila Miseta (School of Medicine , University of Pecs), Prof.Dr.Lajos Bogar (Head of the Department of Operational Medicine,Pecs) HE Cultural Attache Chris Machin (US Embassy Hungary).

Furthermore, the foundation event brought primary attention to   Policy Plans, Procedures and Actions which should promote the attainment of a Migration, Mobility and Vulnerable Groups (MMVG) related Health Strategy and Implementation plan  via the TEAMHP platform.

The 4 plus 1 Expert Panels addressed some of the very actual areas that need prior attention in order to strengthen and empower health systems cross-continental towards the SDG 2030 goals.Some important areas of focus were

 (1) The Mental Health Aspects of Vulnerability ,Mobility and Migration (MMVG). Screening and Managing: with a separate focus on the MMVG especially Elderly, Women and Children  . The role of NGOs, Cities and Diaspora across the whole process 

(2) Trafficking in Human Beings with a separate focus on best practices in building Multi-stakeholder, Multi-sectoral and Inter-professional Collaboration for data sharing, designing and implementing prevention and rehabilitation programs;

(3) Capacity Building Programs in the fields of Vulnerability,Mobility and Migration (MMVG).  Programs specifically designed to address empowerment, research and educational needs at the schools, K-12 and University Levels in this field. Traing of Trainers and Educators . Sharing existing programs amongst US and European TEAMHP members. Structural and managerial aspects of IOM's "Well Managed Migration" and the the ‘Migrant Sensitive Health Care Systems’ described by WHO. Advances in Participatory and Community Based Action Research methods for training inter-professional stakeholders involved in the field of migration and its health outcomes.

(4) Coalition for Innovation taking a CEPI type approach by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Putting additional empahsis on solutions in the field of prevention and mass vaccination. The importance of data sharing, joint resource sharing and ideation across key sectors;

(5) Knowledge based- Governance using the Quadruple and Quantuple Helix Models.


Fig.4. Migration and the SDGs2030 Agenda 

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Fig.5. Migrant Sensitive Health Systems Framework

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