HLMDI - Healthcare Leadership and Management Development Institute


HLMDI is a Learning Organization aiming at building capacities for Sustainable Innovation in Healthcare
Pécs, Hungary


  • Fostering Person-Centered Healthcare through empowering ALL  participants at local and international levels
  • Fostering Secure,High Quality and Transparent Healthcare through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Fostering a network organization promoting Participatory and Inclusive Economics (PIE) Governance
  • Hosting and Fostering a Global Mega Think Tank for catalyzing transition  towards Resilience in Healthcare
  • Capacity Building For Circular Migration of Competences, Technologies and Resources
  • Promoting Development Entrepreneurship and Post Conventional Entrepreneurial Orientation in Healthcare
  • Migrant Sensitive, Migrant Responsive and Migrant Driven Cross Boarder, Inter-Regional and Global Governance
  • Promoting WHO's Health In All Policies(HIAP) hand in hand with Entrepreneurship across all disciplines
  • Total Leadership Competence Development impacting our socio-economic value network across all industries
  • Multi-Contextual Learning Capacities (Triple Loop and Quadruple Loop Learning) for Social Innovation
  • Continuous Development of our Tacit knowledge base and Explicit knowledge sharing in the global setting
  • Continuous Development of Breakthrough solutions through co-creation with stakeholders internationally
  • 360 degrees performance monitoring and feedback system
  • Members: Zoltan KATZ, Szabolcs Fekete