TEAMHP at MERH May 17-19

TEAMHP members are planning an active participation at the upcoming MERH Congress.(read below, also

TEAMHP's Executive Commitee has been encouraging members from across the continent to come this important gathering as it can be a unique follow-up opportunity after the MH-PIE Foundation event of TEAMHP in October 2017


The MERH 2018 Congress is hosted by an independent, non-profit making company working under the auspices of The University of Edinburgh, the European Public Health Association and NHS Health Scotland.  We intend to deliver you a memorable, affordable, academic and social programme in one of the most spectacular cities in the world.

The MERH congress will replace the 7th EUPHA Migrant and Ethnic Health Section Conference. 

Congress aims :

  • Improve research, population health and health care for migrants and other discriminated-against populations
  • Bring together policy, social science, clinical, social service and public health perspectives and share and transfer learning within and across countries
  • Examine contemporary problems across the globe and debate suggested solutions
  • Consider health effects of social, environmental and demographic change associated with population migration, and the effects on diseases and their causes
  • Find ways to overcome differences in concepts and terminology so the field can be understood internationally in acceptable language
  • Provide opportunities for people to showcase their work and to meet to share experience and motivations
  • Build networks that will last beyond the Congress itself