The Healthcare Leadership and Management Development Institute (HLMDI) as the nominated organizer of the FEAMHP (TEAMHP as of Dec,02,2017) has received the duty of administering and coordinating the transnational activities of the platform as the delegate organization by the grantor the Department of State -USA Embassy in Hungary  the IVLP program

Further to the proposal submitted by  FEAMHP's  "Drafting Committee" and the approval by the majority of the "Core Members of the Founding Group" of the FEAMHP hence-forth the CMFG the name  "FEAMHP" derived from : 'The First European American Migration Health Platform' ,will be renamed to TEAMHP derived from : 'The European American Migration Health Platform' as of December 12,2017

Visit our Events menu where you can find the final program of the foundation event of the First European-American Migration Health Platform. We have already uploaded the short bios of our participating members and practical information for all.

In case you have any further questions contact us through one of the specified channels.

We hope to see you in Pécs shortly.



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