The European - American Migration Health Platform

The Foundation event closed with the ratification of TEAMHP's "Declaration" ,the "Membership Charter" for the interim period and the nomination of the "Secretary General" Dr.Kia Goolesorkhi and the "Associate Secretary General" , Dr.Klara Papp by the Executive Board. The Declaration has acknowledged the "Unanimously Accepted Action Plan" for the interim period  which includes the list of the preliminary projects for the interim period.

(1) Cleveland -Pecs Sister Cities Promotion [ Mr.Joe Cimperman,Global Cleveland (President)]

(2) Facilitating Self Employment of Irregular Migrants [ Dr.John Lipinski,Indiana University (Professor)]

(3) Hosting Global Health Case Competition Winners in Budapest and Pecs [Ms.Meredith Gartin,Ohio University , College of Health Sciences]

(4) Micro Regional Capacity Building - Mayor Exchange Program between Appalachia and Ormansag [ Dr.Randy Leite, Dean,Ohio University , College of Health Sciences(Professor)]

(5) Joint Scientific Publication about TEAMHP's model [ Dr.Gillian Ice,Ohio University, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Director and Professor of Global Health] 

(6) Promoting Innovation Driven Collaborations between Case West and University of Pecs through TEAMHP [Dr.Klara Papp, Case Western Reserve, College of Medicine ,Professor and Director for the Center of Advancement in Medical Learning]



The First European - American Migration Health Platform foundation event (MH PIE) was  held in the city of Pécs, Hungary between 19-20 October 2017 with the opening words of the Dean of the Medical School of the University of Pécs Professor Dr.Attila Miseta, Professor Dr.Lajos Bogár,Head of the Department of Operational Medicine, Cultural Attaché Chris Machin . The two day event was co-hosted and co-sponsored by the US Embassy in Budapest and the Health Leadership and Management Development Institute (HLMDI). The  Medical School of the University of Pécs , the Department of Operational Medicine and the School of Medicine and its professionals  at the  WHO Collaboration Center in Migration Health Training and Research were also strategic contributors to the realization of the program.

The 4 plus 1 Expert Panels addressed some of the very actual areas that need prior attention in order to strengthen and empower health systems cross-continental towards the SDG 2030 goals.Some important areas of focus were (1) The Mental Health Aspects of Vulnerability ,Mobility and Migration (2) Trafficking in Human Beings (3) Capacity Building Programs in the fields of Vulnerability,Mobility and Migration(4) Coalition for Innovation taking a CEPI type approach by the (5) Knowledge based- Governance using the Quadruple and Quantuple Helix Models.

The Declaration’s drafting committee was formed by EUPHA’s leading scientist  Professor Dr.David Ingleby Professor Dr. Harald Siem from the Norwegian Center for Migration and Minority Health (NAKMI) and former IOM expert, Mr. Joe Cimperman, President of the Global Cleveland, Professor Dr. Christopher Ingersoll Dean of the College of Health and Human Services of the University of Toledo , Professor Dr. Randy Leite Dean Ohio University’s College of Health Sciences as well as Dr.Kia Goolesorkhi Secretary General of The European American Migration Health Platform and member of the WHO Collaboration Center for Migration Health Research and Training at Department of Operational Medicine at the Medical School of the University of Pécs,Co-Headed by Professor Dr.Lajos Bogár and Dr.István Szilárd.

MH PIE owes a great deal to the professional contributions of Professor Klara Pápp, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Medical Learning from Case Western Reserve University, Professor Dr.John Lipinksi on behalf of the Leadership of the Business of Humanity Project from Indiana University , Dr.Eugenia Canaan former Program Manager at WellShare International,  Jozef Bartovic Jozef, Bartovic Technical Officer (Migration and Health) WHO Regional Office for Europe , Dr.Amy Coren NOVA Psychology Professor Awarded Fulbright to Hungary , Dr. Gillian Ice , Professor and Director of Global Health; Social Medicine; Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine , Dr.Sheryl Milz Co-Director of the Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health School of Population , Dr.Andrew Lee , Debra McBride Assistant Director at Ohio University's Global Health Initiative,Dr.Meredith GartinVisiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University's Global Health Initiative 

The Baptist Integration Center and the Migration Health Network's Team of experts were main contributors sharing its their decade long  training and research experience in this new, interdisciplinary field of health sciences.

The event owes itself to the support of the US Embassy under HE Charge D’Affair David Kostelancik and the dedication of Cultural Attaché Christopher Machin and his colleagues at the IVLP program.



  • Members: Zoltan KATZ, Nikolett Arnold